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What We Offer

Refrigeration Repair

When you need to operate utilizing your existing technology, Dart can assist by optimizing and sustaining your operations. We can help detect, monitor and repair refrigeration leaks and help resolve situations before they become a problem. Our technicians are highly trained, and can evaluate all of the systems in your store to make an accurate diagnosis, and provide and recommend a well thought-out solution.

Refrigeration Installation

Dart Refrigeration has experience installing and servicing a wide variety of refrigeration manufacturer’s products … not just one particular make or model.

Maintenance Contracts

When a refrigeration system is not optimized, it increases your operating cost and shortens your equipment life. Dart’s maintenance practices are set forth to prolong your equipment’s life while keeping it running at it’s optimized performance. Dart has the expertise to manage your systems and keep them running for maximum efficiency. Our maintenance contract will help optimize and sustain refrigeration performance every day, all day, by ensuring that systems are thoroughly checked regularly which reduces down time due to equipment failure, labor and parts cost. Optimizing your refrigeration system can reduce energy use by 20%!!

Parts & Equipment

Dart provides competitive pricing on equipment, parts and supplies. With sound business relationships with a wide variety of vendors and manufacturers, Dart allows you to choose from the best systems at the best prices. Our loyalty is to you – our customer – not to a manufacturer or brand.

Consultation Service

Dart provides consultations for system replacements or alternative solutions to improve your equipment performance. By tracking your systems performance, Dart can help evaluate the actual cost of a system, compare systems and create the solution that best satisfies your situation.

Nearly half of a supermarket’s energy use is for refrigeration today … in fact, supermarkets are one of the highest consumers of electricity per square foot. It is vitally important for these businesses to manage and control energy consumption. Plus, with today’s increased focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing carbon footprints, businesses need a plan and Dart can provide one that works for your business and your budget.